Monday, April 25, 2011

just my bebe and me

Seeing that I am always behind the lens, my sweet and wonderful husband decided to be a rock star and do a photoshoot for me. Poor guy, I barked orders at him the entire time....but he did a fantastic job! 
We had a blast romping around downtown in our easter pretties. 
Thanks hubs for being an all star and putting up with me! 

she jumps and jumps all of the time, I love that he was talented enough to capture the whole inch of air!

another favorite...dancing.
Dear Grace, thank you for being such a happy, sweet, and fun girl.  You make my life so meaningful and wonderful every day!  Mama loves you to the moon and back.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love how she is growing into a beautiful little girl! .. and I love your last sentence of "Mama loves you to the moon and back"..a great book! :)
    ..You guys have a beautiful/wonderful family! :)

  2. Oh Wow! These are amazing, Suz!

  3. you are so beautiful and your little Grace is just as beautiful. What a wonderful thing you were able to do. way to go matt for taking the pictures. these will be cherished photos!

  4. I think you should win the prettiest mommy/daughter award!

  5. These pictures are so sweet. I love the dress Suz, great job!